21st Century Airport Infrastructure

  1. Research and analyze using scholarly resources.
  2. Length/format: 2 pages (excluding references), APA format.
  3. Include:
    1. summary
    2. problem
    3. significance of the problem
    4. two alternative actions
    5. recommendation
    6. reference page

The Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Program was implemented as part of the Aviation Safety and Capacity Act of 1990. Read the following two documents highlighting the original intent and current debate surrounding the PFC Program:

Op-Ed: Should Passenger Facility Charges Be Increased?


Prepare a case analysis titled: “PFCs: Pros or Cons – Should They Be Raised to Pay for 21st Century Airport Infrastructure?”

Can someone please assist with final paper.  Needing A+ work! Complete instructions, reference material, and first paper included in attachment.

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