This assignment is rather lengthy and the first thing you need to do is create a new Word or Works document so you don’t miss any parts and where you can put your answers. I will have at least eight graphics on separate entries. So once you have made your document, you will be able to open each one of these graphics, study it, then put your answers on your document. Be sure to save after each entry. Then at the end of the page here, you will be asked to go to a website and try your hand at fixing the budget. Be sure to go through all the eight graphics before attempting the website. Also watch the short video clip comparing a table-full of pennies to the national debt and some proposed cuts.

While some of these figures are obviously not up to date, the newest figures are even worse with our total debt over $18 trillion dollars.  So just know that nothing has turned around at this point. (FYI: updated 2016 charts and graphs not required to view but if you are interested can be found at this link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  )

The first image I want you to look at it the 2011 $3.8 trillion budget.
1. What are the two areas that take the larges amount of money?

2011 budget graphic.jpg

The next graphic is of the U.S. Debt per capita.
2. What do you see happening here?

U S Debt per capita from 1791-2016-graphic.jpg

Next is a graphic entitled Freebies vs. Freedom (Entitlements vs Defense).
3. Do you see a problem here? If so, what is it? If no problem, tell me why?