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Assignment Aider Pricing

Price Depends on a number of factors. The urgency of your assignment, the technicality of the assignment, the level of study and the number of pages/words involved in the assignment.

The urgent assignment

The urgent assignment will cost you more than assignments with a long deadline. The reason for the high cost is because a few writers can manage urgent work, most of the times, the writers have to leave what they are working on to take an urgent assignment.

The technicality of an assignment

The second factor affecting the price of a paper or assignment is the technicality of an assignment. This simply the reason because technical assignment needs specialised writers in the field. The technical homework is also likely to consume more time and mind involving hence the cost. Simple assignments such as English 101 will cost less since most of the writers can do it in just a short time.

Level of study

The higher the level of study the costly the assignment is. Writing a doctorate thesis paper or dissertation assignment will cost more than completing an undergraduate case study assignment. In our wondering form the higher the level of study selected gives a high price.

Length of the assignment.

The Length of an assignment and the cost is directly proportional. A simple discussion post of one page will cost more than writing a ten-page research paper. In our system prices per page start from $12 and increase depending on the other factors mentioned above. If you wish someone to take your full online class you can contact us and get a free quote. Others are doing it, why not you?