3)  What key question can you develop from the content presented in the article?  Provide your question and then your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

According to me, the key question here is that why is NRA in the favor of promoting the use of guns to this extent? It’s been clear from the past incidents in Columbine and Newtown that the use of guns has affected little, innocent children. Yet, this association is determined to promote the use of guns. Furthermore, why is the government not taking any STRICT action towards this? As a president, his first responsibility should be to deal with the current matter. Despite a strong government and 2nd amendment, strict measures could not be taken against the use of guns.

4)  What are the most important ideas you would have to understand in order to understand the video’s line of reasoning?  Provide your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

The moto of NRA is the most important aspect which needs to be understood in order to understand this video’s line of reasoning. We do know that NRA is the most democratic and influential group. Thus, the government of USA has to deal with NRA in the same manner. However, the banning of assault-style guns and the assault weapons, and the background checks at gun stores might be of little help in dealing with this problem.

5)  What is the video failing to address (what might be questioned)?  Provide your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

This video pretty much covers every aspect of the topic highlighted in this video. However, I think more focus should be given on the attempts made by government regarding the shooting incidents. The shooting at Columbine and Newtown is considered as a serious incident because children were involved, young, little, innocent children. Killing young children is a crime. Thus, this video failed to shed light on the role of government in making attempts to secure the teaching institutions.