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What labor markets should be considered when recruiting to fill an opening for a housekeeping staff at a local hospital? What labor markets should be considered for staffing the chief surgeon for the local hospital?

Any organization will and should work for a sustainable growth and reasonable profits providing best facilities and products to the consumers or customers. In this case we are considering a local hospital, which is expected to be very clean, healthy and hygienic for the patients and any people who enter the hospital. In order for the clean and hygiene environment to be maintained in the hospital, housekeeping staff is required.

Housekeeping staff can be hired from a local labor markets as it does not require much educational background and any specializations. When considering scenarios like that usually local labor market which has regional resources suitable for the job profile will be suitable.

If we were to consider for staffing the Chief surgeon for the hospital, then it requires specialized skills and very good academic background. In this kind of scenarios searching in national labor markets will be a good idea.

Depending upon the need and requirement search for candidates has to be done accordingly.


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