I want an essay has 600 word by tonight please. zero plagiarism. and have five articles references.


 What is Geography? Examine the “History of Geography Timeline”. Also explore the “Careers in Geography and Geospatial Technology” Powerpoint™ presentation.  You will also view a short video “Explore Your World: GIS in Education.”

Write a 600+ word essay per items 1-5 below.

1 – Do you have a better idea of what geography is now that you’ve read the articles, reviewed the “Careers in Geography and Geospatial Technology” Powerpoint™ and the “History of Geography Timeline? How so? Provide a detailed explanation using examples from the articles, the video, the Powerpoint™ presentation, and the “History of Geography Timeline.”

2 – Using examples from at least five of the articles, describe how geography is important in terms of your daily life.

3 – Using examples from the articles, describe ways in which geography may be related to your career plans.

4 – You are required to properly cite all of the articles you referenced for your essay.