• How might a non-Jewish and a Jewish coworker share holidays in the workforce?
    3.    What questions do you need to ask in
    the initial patient interview to assess her
    degree of religious practice? How will
    you determine her spirituality needs?
    4.    What is your understanding of the reas
    on she has so many visitors in her room?
    5.    Is hospice care appropriate for this patient?
    Sarah dies with her family at her bedsid
    e. What interventions can you take at the
    time of death to demonstrate religious sens
    itivity to the family? What questions do
    you need to ask the family?
    7.    Describe three genetic or heredita
    ry diseases common with Ashkenazi Jews.
    8.    Describe Jewish burial
    rituals and grieving process.
    9.    Discuss the laws of Kashrut in regard to
    food practices for observant Jewish clients.
    What should the health-care provider keep
    in mind when entering a Jewish home to
    provide care?
    11.   Distinguish between the terms
    12.   How might a non-Jewish and a Jewish cowo
    rker share holidays in the workforce?
    13.   What is the official language
    the Jewish people use for prayer?

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