Analyze Leadership Styles. Your case study should be apx 6 pages in length, double-spaced, 1-inch margin all around, 12 point font. Add references and graphics/tables. Answer the following questions:


1.     Which leadership style did the engineer expect from his leaders? Why do you think they failed to use it?

2.     What leadership style does Michael use? What would you recommend for his further development?

3.     Which leadership style did Manager B use? Under which circumstances is this leadership style recommended? What can is it harmful?

4.     Which leadership style did the manager try to use? Why did this style fail to work in this situation?

5.     What style or styles would you recommend to Helen in promoting the new employer brand and recruiting approaches among regional heads of HR?

6.     What leadership style does Margarita use? Why is this style successful with Nicholas? Why does the same style fail with Eugene?





    Before you complete the case study, read the article “Leadership that Gets Results’ in our coursepack.

  • Issues to Consider

    Each of the leadership styles has legitimacy depending on the situation and the types of followers the leader has.

    In your Introduction, you may want to describe three characteristics of each of the styles, and maybe put them into a table. This will help you answer the questions.

    Vignette 1:  What was the role of the higher-level in this process and how did his presence affect the behavior of the follwers?

    Vignette 2: Think about how and when you have seen this style used in your work experience or other group activities.

    Vignette 3: How do people who consider themselves to be “star” performers perceive managers?

    Vignette 5: Are there situations when particular styles are necessary and appropriate?

    Vignette 6: Why do certain leadership styles work with one person but fail with another? What about motivation — what drives employees?

    In your conclusion, you may want to discuss if you think it is possible for a leader to develop a fluency in all six leaderships styles, r you may discuss work climate and the influence it has on what style a leader should use.

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