Reflect on a recent  conflict you had with a friend

Using the Class Poll “Conflict Triggers,” select the main cause YOU  BELIEVE to be a trigger. Briefly explain why you identified this trigger  as being a primary cause of conflict.

#2 Reflect on a recent  conflict you had with a friend, family member, co-worker, or another  person. In your own words, what escalated the interaction for you, or  what was your trigger? These will be typically be feelings you have  experienced in the past such as feeling excluded, powerless, unheard,  judged, etcYou do not have to describe the event.

#3  After reviewing the Reading & Resources folder on Conflict  Management Styles, identify which style was used by the other person in  the conflict situation you just identified and how this style either  helped or hindered resolution.  1 initial post, 250-500 words, at least one academic reference