Step 1: Review the information presented in the lesson that covers concepts and issues related to efficient organizational methods.
Recall that the three main sections of a speech or presentation are the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Step 2: In a word processing document, write a brief definition or description for each of the following patterns of organization that can be used to structure the flow of information in a speech:
Topical Pattern
Temporal Pattern
Spatial Pattern
Problem-Solution Pattern
Cause-Effect Pattern
Monroe’s Motivated SequenceStep 3: Read the following list of statements about the topic of friendship.
Determine which of the patterns of organization might be useful to create a logical flow of information for the statements. Select one pattern of organization to use to organize the statements. It can be one of the six that you defined in Step 2 or another one from any of the lesson materials or another source.

Statements about Friendship*We develop an acquaintanceship.
Friendship is an interpersonal relationship between two persons that is characterized by mutual positive regard.
We meet.
In order to understand friendships, we need to see what a friendship is and its stages of development.
Friendship is one of the most important of our interpersonal relationships.
We develop an intimate friendship.
Friendships develop through various stages.
Friendships don’t develop full blown but rather go through various stages—from the initial meeting to intimate friendship.
We develop a casual friendship.
By understanding friendship we will be in a better position to develop and maintain productive and enjoyable friendships.
Friendship—an interpersonal relationship characterized by mutual positive regard—is one of our most important assets.
We develop a close relationship.
Friendship is vital to all of us.*These statements are from the Organizing a Scrambled Outline activity on the Course Compass website (Links to an external site.)