Complete the “Building the Boeing 787” case on pages 668-669. Develop a detailed corporate profile and address the questions in the case. Please pay close attention to the corporate profile and follow the attached details on what is needed to complete that portion of the assignment. This case should be a minimum of 4000 words not including the title, thesis, and reference pages. Need to be done in APA format and the writing guidelines are attached.


Writing Guidelines

The following list of criteria is provided for you to use as you develop your writing assignments. Faculty will use a similar scale to assess your writing assignments. Please take the time before each writing assignment to review the requirements so that you know what you are being graded on.






Shows depth and understanding of the subject

Thesis for paper is clearly identified and logically developed throughout the paper

Reasoning is sound, compelling, and well supported



Peer-reviewed articles are selected and are appropriate for the paper topic

Articles are synthesized and integrated effectively

There is sufficient research cited to support arguments

New information from articles addresses similarities anddifferences with prior course readings and individual’s priorknowledge


Demonstrates evidence of graduate-level writing mechanics*

Minimum paper requirements (length, topic, research, integration of core values) are met

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Follows formatting requirements given (ex. APA or MLA)

*Statement on graduate-level writing requirements:

Your writing reflects your ideas and communicates your understanding of the topic to the instructor. This assignment will be graded on the composition elements listed below, as well as your understanding of the content:


Successful graduate-level writing should demonstrate:


Proofreading skills


Correct grammar and punctuation


Logical organization


Proper content presentation (introduction, body, conclusion) Correct formatting for citations, references, and headings

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