Topic: Getting out of the Rut

It is easy to ‘get in a rut’ with the daily routine especially with pandemic fatigue and too much computer screen time. We all need inspiration¬† to stay mindful and positive with how we are working with our learners. A little humor can go a long way . . . . smiling and laughter releases those ‘good’ endorphins ūüôā¬† I have a small wooden block with a young gal eager to learn and it says ‘when nothing goes right . . . . . . .¬† go left’ that I can see behind my computer on the window ledge . . . . it just makes you smile to move forward and that may include a short break or a change in topic. Appreciate the words of wisdom with being inspired vs. preoccupied. Class, other simple ways to¬† ‘get out of the rut’ when things are overwhelming with too much content?