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Warranty service, processing of complaints and costs of litigation are examples of:

Question 1
In addition to correcting substandard work, employees have an ethical obligation to __________ the quality problem as well.
Question 2
ISO 9000 currently stresses _____ of a certified organization.
minimizing harmful environmental effects
product diversity
inclusion of reused components in the office equipment
a minimum of four supervisory levels
continual improvement
Question 3
The quality certification that deals primarily with conformance to customer requirements is ISO __________; ISO __________ is concerned primarily with the organization’s effect on the environment.
9000; 14000
24700; 9000
14000; 9000
9000; 24700
14000; 24700
Question 4
Warranty service, processing of complaints, and costs of litigation are examples of:
internal failure costs.
external failure costs.
appraisal costs.
prevention costs.
replacement costs.