For this discussion, locate a qualitative dissertation using the Capella library that uses the research method that you have chosen to complete under Unit 2 Discussion 1. Answer the following questions regarding your chosen research question and method you have chosen from the list in Unit 2 Discussion 1:

  • What is the research problem?
  • What is the research question?
  • What is the qualitative methodology used to conduct the research?
  • Does the research question match the research methodology? Why?
  • Is this study significant to the field of psychology? Why?
  • What evidence does the researcher provide to support the research topic and methodology?


In your readings for this unit, you have explored various assessment tools. Assessments are fundamental tools for I/O psychologists; they are used in selection and placement, coaching, training, and development, and performance improvement. Select an assessment tool (or a combination of tools) using the Mental Measurements Yearbook database. Be sure the assessment would be valuable and appropriate for assessing individual differences in the workplace. Complete the following:

  • Evaluate why your chosen assessment tool or tools would be valuable and appropriate for assessing individual differences in the workplace for selection, coaching, or development.
  • From the perspective of the I/O practitioner, what concerns might arise from the use of this tool or tools?
  • Describe how a job analysis for your selected position would affect the tools you selected.
  • Describe how the data collection methods for job analysis differ from assessment tools.
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