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For the first short assignment you read a positive depiction of Houston’s diversity. Less positive is the city’s traffic problem. We have all had the experience of being stuck on one of Houston’s congested roadways and find ourselves late to class or work. As the city continues to grow, an effective mobility regime will take on added urgency, but what is the solution. Please read the articles about toll roads in the state of Texas, and write an essay that is 1-2 pages, double-spaced in which you answer the following questions (please use MLA if you are using citations):

1. Why does the state rely so much on toll roads? What effect do toll roads have on traffic congestion?

2. How do we pay for toll roads, and what kind of burden does it put on individuals?

3. What alternatives, if any, have been suggested to toll roads?

4. What do you foresee as the future of toll roads as the answer to the state’s mobility problem?

5. What is your opinion of toll roads?