Question 1

Which of the following is found in tertiary syphilis?

Question options:

1) arthralgia

2) lymphadenopathy

3) macular or papular lesions involving the palms and soles

4) gumma

Question 2

The Pap test should not be considered a screening test for STDs

Question options:

1) True

2) False

Question 3

During a breast exam you note all of the findings below as normal except:

Question options:

1) asymetrical size

2) a supernumerary nipple

3) hyperpigmentation

4) breasts that move up symmetrically with raising the arms

Question 4

A female patient who has not reached menarche by age 15 should be considered for a diagnosis of

Question options:

1) oligomenorrhea

2) amenorrhea

3) primary amenorrhea

4) secondary amenorrhea

Question 5

A 24-year-old woman presents with a 1-week history of thin, green-yellow vaginal discharge with perivaginal irritation. Physical examination findings include vaginal erythema with petechial hemorrhages on the cervix, numerous white blood cells, and motile organisms on microscopic examination.These findings most likely represent:

Question options:

1) motile sperm with irritative vaginitis

2) trichomoniasis

3) bacterial vaginosis

4) condyloma acuminatum