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Question 1
Which statement below about poor experiences and dissatisfaction with an e-commerce site is false?
Walmart saw a sharp decline in conversion rate when its website load time increased from 1 second to 4 seconds. discovered that for every 100-millisecond decline in site load time, online revenue declined 1 percent.
Of consumers who were dissatisfied with an e-commerce site’s performance, 40 percent were unlikely to ever visit the site again.
Research by Torbit found that as load time increased, the bounce rate declined.
Question 2
Bandwidth used by countries around the world has now been standardized allowing for easier global e-commerce activities.
Question 3
In order to avoid litigation, marketers involved in real-time marketing must:
have all messages approved by the brand’s legal team prior to a live event.
develop upfront strategic planning prior to the assembling of war rooms during a live event.
develop only viral marketing messages that are initiated by a consumer or fan posting on social media.
develop policies and rules prior to live events that govern real-time marketing messages.
Question 4
Social listening can be an excellent source of ideas for branded content pages.
Question 5
Adam goes to Subway almost weekly and often makes comments on Twitter about his visits. Adam’s patronage of Subway illustrates the brand advocate characteristic of:
behavioral commitment.
member of multiple social networking sites.
quality communication skills.
emotional connection to the brand.