Suggested Structure

Executive summary:  an overview that communicates what was done, why it was done, what was found, and what the implications are for the organisation under analysis (~150 words)

Introduction: an outline of the project, including; the problem under investigation, the aims of the project (or set of research questions) (~400 words)

Literature review: A literature review (extending the work done in the group proposal), which unpacks concepts and research that has examined the problem in the past, thereby connecting your project to a lineage of innovation* (700 words)

Research design:  Outlines and justifies a) the processes taken to collect and analyse data (design and phases), b) the sample used in the data collection, c) the analysis steps/framework used, d) the reliability of the approach and any limitations, and e) ethical considerations concerning the research (550 words)

Findings:  presents analysed data (qualitative, quantitative or mixed) and an interpretation of the analysis which explains its significance (850 words)

Implications:  A discussion of the key findings in relations to the literature, used as a platform for providing 2-3 evidence-based recommendations detailing what the organisation can practically do to enhance its position (750words)

Conclusion: a brief conclusion that synthesises the main outcomes of the research and their significance. (100 words)


Additional information

  • Wordcount is 3500 words (+/- 10%)
  • Tables, figures, appendixes, and references are not included in the word count. This is not an invitation to put everything in the appendix; your report needs to be comprehensible independent of appendices.
  • 10+ references; referencing style is APA 7th